Staying true to what works, the Signature Facial Treatment was first introduced in Hollywood in 1972. Our highly effective facial takes a unique, clinical approach combining skilled extraction techniques, proactive ingredients including Zinc, Collagen and Vitamin C, with galvanic current.  The results? Improved skin tone, firmness, fewer lines and a clearer, lifted and glowing complexion.

We have been dubbed the non-invasive facelift and the masters of extraction. We close pores, clear blackheads and acne, reduce the signs of aging and deliver a radiant glow through our original treatment.


What Is Galvanic Current?


Galvanism works by penetrating active substances into the subcutaneous tissues through iontophoresis, a medically proven practice to deliver medicines deep into the skin.  They act on the ineffective circulation to bring about an improvement in the vascular and lymphatic interchange in the area.


Our Positive Solution combines Vitamin C, collagen and zinc which through this process is drawn into the subcutaneous tissues. This is completed in a natural and harmless way, and is aided by the actual effect of the galvanic current on the tissues. This improves the function of the cellular membrane.


The galvanic current helps to tighten and firm the skin tissue, regenerate and stimulate the skin cells, tighten the pores, increase circulation to the face, stabilize the ph of the skin and soothe the nerve endings.


How is the Face Place Signature Treatment Different to Other Facials?​

The Signature treatment combines a skilled manual extraction technique treating every pore on the face, our heat dome keeps moisture close to the skin opening the pores, yucca extracts alkali properties soften toxins to allow deeper extraction.

Vitamin C helps regenerate tissue, stimulates collagen production and is a powerful antioxidant. Zinc is an anti-inflammatory which calms the facial tissues. The collagen spritz helps to improve plumpness and elasticity. 

Combining these with the galvanic regenerates, stimulates and nourishes skin cells at the deepest level. The treatment will tighten and firm the skin tissue, regenerate and , tighten pores and leave you with the signature Face Place glow. Your skin’s clean youthful glow is the only evidence that you have just been through a rigorous detoxification process.

Face Place

Galvanic Current - Iontophoresis

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